Dear xxx,

Due to the geopolitical tensions and the associated distortions on the procurement markets, we are currently in an unforeseen situation with drastic consequences.

Sharply increased or multiplied energy costs are pushing producers to the limit of profitability, and in some cases there is already an open discussion about the shutdown of production plants.

A supply of goods is therefore neither secured in quantity nor in price, the processors are retroactively terminated already agreed raw material contracts, which leads to previously never before seen price surcharges and reductions in the promised raw material quantities.

Freight forwarders in particular, which have also had to adjust their freight rates, are suffering from the current sharp rise in diesel prices. Lack of cargo space due to the acute shortage of truck drivers drives the price spiral upwards.

Currently, we are therefore unfortunately forced to suspend all offers and price lists with immediate effect.

We endeavor to fulfill your already placed orders as desired, but cannot guarantee this 100% due to the aforementioned reasons.

Of course, we will inform you about the further development and ask for your understanding for this extraordinary situation.

Kind regards,

Lieber Leser,

kommen Sie gut durch diese Zeit.

Viele Grüße

Ihr Team vom Verpackungs-Insider